From the block fitness

A complete personal training experience, situated on the waterfront in
 Southport and providing you the most up to date bang on trend
environment and equipment to meet all of your fitness needs.

How will we help you to achieve your goals?

Personal training 

Offering in-person training in a private training facility.  We are not a members gym, and so the numbers in the main workout area  are kept to a minimum at all times. So its just you and you’re personal trainer and all the equipment you need for a great session in a space that will feel as near to completely private as you can get in a commercial gym.

Small group sessions 

Our group classes are kept to a small number of attendees to ensure you feel you are getting the full training experience. Take advantage of these intimate sessions led by experienced trainers. Feel welcome, safe and motivated. Full schedule and availability below.

Whichever option you decide to go for, we promise you that we will support you, motivate you and care about your journey like it was our own

FTBF team.x

group sessions & times


Solid Block 9.30am


Pins Peach & Pack 7.00am
Solid Block 9.30am
Circuit Breaker 6.15pm



Pins Peach & Pack 7.00am
Circuit Breaker 6.15pm


Rise 7.00am


Circuit Breaker 8.00am
Circuit Breaker 9.00am

For personal training please contact our trainers directly below.


All of our PTs have been hand picked for their individuality, spirit and empathetic nature as well as their experience


Pay As You Go From

£ 6.00
  • During these uncertain times, we have decided to offer pay as you go rather than a monthly contract to help with your budgeting.